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Time Leadership.

An interview with Julie Morgenstern, best-selling author, organizing and productivity consultant and speaker.
Our lifetime is our most valuable asset, we all agree on that. But do we also live according to this principle? In our interview with Julie Morgenstern we talk about social constraints and her concept of time leadership as an important leadership task of managers.

Innovation enables sustainable growth

Hermann Hauser is co-founder and investor of many rapidly growing technology companies and a symbolic figure of I.E.C.T. in Innsbruck, which is dedicated to financially support startups in Tyrol. In the interview, he reveals the importance of innovative strength on growth and what is essential nowadays on the volatile markets.

Let’s go to “newlandia”

„Foreign” companies are changing our local economic and social structures. But our “local” companies also change these structures in other countries.

Motivators: Which are the motivators of your employees?

An interview with Daniel Müller, Vice-President at Mercuri Urval.
Daniel Müller tells us  what matters most to qualified executives in our increasingly complex world. The differences between the motivators are to be found in the personality of the individual candidates. These are the very individual and personal demands of a person.

The DNA of a successful family business. What makes a family business radically different?

Article first published on the Tharawat Magazin.
Family businesses have now reached a broad public awareness. Finally. 75% of all companies in Europe are family enterprises, which account for almost half of the gross domestic product and account for 50% of all jobs. The macroeconomic importance is just as evident as the social and societal responsibility that family businesses have for their region and their employees.

Why strategies fail. Or: How to implement strategies correctly.

A corporate strategy only has a real chance of being implemented if it is known. Ideally with as many people in the company as possible. Of course, this also means that the employees in the company know how to handle the information. Accordingly, managers must be challenged and encouraged in this matter.

Unifying tradition and innovation

An interview with Allegra Antinori, Vice-President of Antinori.
Founded in 1385, Antinori today is run by the family descendants of the 26thgeneration and the 27th is ready in the starting blocks. The family business has an impressive history and many stories to tell. Allegra Antinori gives us interesting insights of how the company has become what it is today: the embodiment of Italy’s passion for wine.

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