Strategy development and Implementation

Future-oriented alignment of your family business

The right strategy development enables the family business to continuously create new competitive advantages that allow you to grow in a sustainable, healthy and profitable way with justifiable risks.

The 10 steps model of Weissman for strategy development and implementation
The 10 steps model of Weissman for strategy development and implementation

With our consolidated 10-step model for strategy development and professional implementation, which has proven its worth in over 3,000 consultancy projects (references), and our “7:3:1” principle based on it for the ongoing further development and adaptation of your corporate strategy, we support you in identifying the strategic cruxes and issues for the next 5-10 years, turning them into clearly structured, implementable strategic projects and using a strategy cockpit to ensure the implementation of the entire corporate strategy.

A family business is something special. This quickly became clear to our founder Arnold Weissman of Weissman & Cie. when he founded the company more than 30 years ago. He developed a system with which companies can actively shape all areas of their future: the Weissman system for the professional strategy development in family business, with which many market leaders also currently realise their goals. Through our practice – thanks to our numerous consultancy projects – and thanks to the scientific work of Prof. Weissman of the Regensburg University of Applied Sciences, the Weissman system is constantly being developed.

What does a corporate strategy actually consist of? What does good and professional strategy development look like? What does a strategy have to include? Strategy is actually nothing more than the continuous creation of competitive advantages from which returns and growth are generated or the manifold risks of the family company are contained.

Of course, this requires various analyses and considerations of markets, customers, products, competitors, trends and megatrends, processes, competences, business fields, brand, business models and all those elements that are useful for strategy development. These topics must be included in strategy development.

However, many strategies that emerge from this strategy development phase are often disappointing declarations of intent with little concrete, measurable content. The challenge in strategy development is therefore to turn declarations of intent into operationalisable strategy plans for the future. This in turn means that all strategically relevant thematic fields, projects and measures, through which the competitive advantages will ultimately be created, must be clearly defined and provided with responsible persons, deadlines and resource budgets.

We advise your family business and your management team on realigning your corporate strategy and your family business model (the radically different business model), clearly identifying your competitive advantages, sharpening your current and future core competencies, optimising your cost structure and setting up your organisation for the future.

Of course, we do not ignore the important topic of digital transformation.

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