Organizational Development

Customer-focused organizational development

Organizational development, for us at Weissman International, is not a self-purpose, but must be consistently aligned with the customer of the family company. From this point of view we derive the organizational framework and structure to reach your strategic goals.

The organization is consistently aligned to customer requirements.
The organization is consistently aligned to customer requirements.

We discuss and clarify together the question of how the organization chart and the organizational framework of your company must look like in order to achieve the strategic goals in a sustainable way and develop the organization and processes further. Together we build efficient, customer-oriented structures and adapt existing ones as needed for optimal organisational development.

Organization follows strategy“. That is why organizational development always comes after professional strategy development. This is correct in essence, but very demanding in times of increasingly fast-changing framework conditions. How are the accustomed stable organizational forms of many family businesses to cope with the new demands and constant change? We would be happy to support you in developing and implementing the organizational structure that is best for you.

When and how can and should I adapt and optimise my processes? What impact do efficiency improvements in my value chain have on the value drivers growth, return and risk? How do I find the right balance between process reliability and flexibility? How do I optimally and professionally fill my key positions in the family business? Which employees and/or family members do I involve in the organizational development decision?

Competent organizational development provides the right answers to these and other questions.

In our consulting and support for optimal organizational development, we address the following topics:

  • Organizational structure (also for holding and possibly subsidiaries, branches, etc.)
  • Organisational chart
  • Efficient internal processes and procedures
  • Change management and change processes
  • Leadership culture and leadership development
  • Staffing of key positions
  • Employees and teamwork
  • Development and change of corporate culture

If you would like to read up a little on the subject of “organizational development” in the meantime, you will find plenty of input on our blog, but also on the Weissman & Cie. blog.

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