Family Business Model

The DNA and business model of successful family businesses

Family businesses are not successful by definition. The most successful family businesses live a model that is “radically different”. No matter whether in Hamburg or Palermo, Zurich or Vienna, the DNA of the best family businesses is made up of 10 features that connect these companys beyond any geographical borders. This conclusion is the result of an empirical study involving more than 200 European family businesses.

The Family Business Model is a business model from and for family businesses that needs to be understood in order to derive useful initiatives for one’s own business. It can be analysed, studied and applied in practice.

Is your business model ready for the future?

Verify your business model and corporate strategy with the insights of the Family Business Model. Benefit from our experience from local, national and international consultations on strategy, organisation, leadership, succession and family governance. Benchmark your company using the DNA of the best family businesses.