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Consulting, support and training for family businesses

Consulting, support and training for family businesses and entrepreneurial families is not only our mission, but also our consolidated core competence.

We consider family businesses as a holistic system in which the peculiarities of the company and those of the family meet. We consider it to be one of the most important tasks to support family businesses in their entrepreneurial and family challenges.

Prof. (FH) Dott. Markus Weishaupt, Senior Consultant and Managing Partner

Strategy development and implementation, development of the organisation and the leadership, corporate and family governance, succession and handover are our core topics, in which we have built up unique experience and expertise in over 2,800 projects in over more than 30 years. We translate this experience and expertise into targeted consulting, support and training services for family businesses. In doing so, we provide consulting services for family businesses of all sizes and in all sectors.

In an environment in which a family business is under enormous pressure every day, it is precisely now that speed of decision-making and clear strategic goals are important. This can only be achieved through professional Corporate and Family Governance. When consulting on successful Corporate Governance, the focus is on the family business and all its aspects: strategy development and implementation, organisational and leadership development, sales, internal processes, employees, etc. Family Governance, on the other hand, is about the entrepreneurial family(ies). Topics such as succession, family constitution, multi-generationality, family harmony, etc. are discussed, defined and determined here. The larger the family business and the more numerous the shareholders/family members, the more complicated the topic of “Family Governance” becomes. It is therefore important to address Family Governance as quickly as possible and to create a structure that is accepted by all shareholders and family members.

In order to ensure a functioning Family and Corporate Governance, we offer the following consulting services to your entrepreneurial family and your family business:

One of the advantages of family businesses comes from their basic constellation: Ownership and leadership converge and represent one of the most important quality factors of successful family businesses. If the manager of a business is also the decisive owner, then he/she automatically combines in one person a whole series of principles that are crucial for quality-oriented management and that are difficult to establish through controlling structures alone:

  • Decision-making authority and responsibility for results coincide
  • Responsibility is linked to success and failure
  • Responsibility has consequences: The convergence of ownership and management, which is the normal case in family businesses, brings with it an increased level of responsibility. Every decision in the family business falls directly or indirectly back to the family.

That is why we have also specialised our consulting to the extent that we can support family businesses in making the right appointments to key positions in the business but also, for example, in the family council.

On the path to professional Corporate and Family Governance, one must therefore answer many questions, such as:

  • Are strategically relevant decisions made rather intuitively, or is reliable data or external consulting on relevant topics an essential part of the decision-making process?
  • How clearly are decision-making processes regulated in your family business and how precisely are these processes also implemented?
  • How long does it take your business to revise obviously wrong decisions?
  • Are the control bodies and mechanisms that monitor the management sufficient and efficient?
  • and much more.

These are all questions that need to be answered in order to be able to run a sustainable and long-lasting family business as an entrepreneurial family. We are happy to support you in this process with our targeted family business consultancy and support and also with our training and education services.

Family Business Model Tool

Our digital advisory formats are also being used more and more, such as our online training courses and the online self-optimisation tool for family businesses: Thanks to the online Family Business Model Tool you can identify the strengths and weaknesses of your company in the specific DNA strands of the business model, lived by the best family companies.

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