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Today I would like to present you, on an exclusive basis, the innovative online business model analysis for family businesses: the Family Business Model Tool. With this online tool, family businesses can now easily check their own successful DNA.

It consists of 100 questions and is divided into the 10 DNA strands of the “radically different” business model of outstanding family businesses. Answering the questions generates a detailed report, a key figure for each of the 10 DNA strands, and the weighted “Family Business Model Score”, an indicator that describes the deviation from the ideally lived business model.

Family Business Model Tool

The new tool can be completed individually or by several people from the company, the boards of directors, advisory boards and family members. At the end, each person receives his or her individual report and a weighted average report is generated. This allows family businesses and entrepreneurial families to professionally and constructively identify strategic, organizational and cultural strengths and weaknesses, as well as family and corporate governance issues, and then work through them in prioritized work packages.

The appropriate accesses can be acquired directly over the website www.familybusiness.com.

The Family Business Model Tool is a useful, new, innovative, digital instrument of business model analysis for family businesses, which does not yet exist in this form and which is based on the empirical findings of the “DNA of successful family businesses”. It is valuable in terms of content, easy to understand, graphically appealing and useful for a detailed, professional self-analysis.

If you need more information about the Family Business Model Tool, we are here for you. Otherwise, I hope you enjoy trying it out.

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