Crisis management as a consequence of corona (COVID-19) – Crisis communication

A crisis is a state of emergency, i.e. there are no standards for emergency situations. Unfortunately, the current crisis will not end within a few days but will last for several weeks and months. During this time, communication with the employees is particularly important. The goal is to build a long-term, mutual trusting relationship between all parties involved. It should establish long-term relationships. After all, a crisis can result in a loss of credibility and trust in the company by the employees in a very short time. In these situations, ill-considered or hesitant communication is just as out of place as banal excuses.

In this article we would therefore like to give you tips for effective crisis communication in your company.

Inform all your employees regularly about the effects of the virus on your company and everyday work:

  • Describe briefly if and what economic impact the current situation has on your company and express your gratitude to your employees
  • Give advice regarding increased hygiene and on keeping a safe distance to all employees for whom home office work is not possible
  • Offer help in case of questions and an open ear for ideas

The choice of communication channels:

  • Consider which channels you can use to reach all your employees and use several channels if necessary, for example
    • Web meeting for personal contact
    • WhatsApp Group (Text, Voice Message, Video)
    • If required, have your communication texts translated into the languages mainly used by your staff

Communicate transparently all the necessary personnel measures to secure liquidity:

  • Emphasize that you are aware that the reduction of overtime and residual holidays, reduction of weekly working hours or even the introduction of short-time work will mean cuts for each employee
  • Explain clearly why which measures are taken, how they are implemented and what they mean for the individual
  • Appeal to the sense of community and solidarity of your staff and thank them for their understanding of the measures taken

Communicate honestly and authentically:

  • Speak out what thoughts are going through your mind in the face of the current situation
  • Address the fears and concerns of your employees and offer support

You can download the complete overview here: Checklist for effective communication during this crisis.

Here you will find our Damage limitation checklist.

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