Crisis management as a consequence of corona (COVID-19) – Measures

Dear customers and partners,

we hope that you and your families are well and that you can get through the turbulent weeks and months ahead in good health. The current situation is new for all of us and we should try to deal with it together, in solidarity and as conscientiously as possible.

We can imagine that this virus will cause disturbances in various areas of your company.

That is why we are giving you an overview with measures that we believe are more urgent. We will continuously update this overview with new findings on our part and those of our customers to assist you during this period. Here you will find an excerpt of the measurements we have developed:

Reduce risk of infection:

  • Development of an emergency plan with its various phases of escalation (“Who is in charge of what tasks and who represents who?”)
  • Protection of managers and central employees against infection by increasing homeworking
  • Separation of production shifts to avoid the risk of infection (no direct transfer)
  • Information to employees on increasing hygiene

Measures to stabilize your business:

  • Clarify your suppliers’ ability to deliver goods or look for alternative suppliers and prioritize the use of goods and personnel
  • Check the immediate measures to take in your production (reduction of capacity/total shutdown, reduction of weekly working hours, etc.).
  • If possible, stick to investments and future measures already taken (e.g. hiring the necessary staff, investments with a quick return on funds) and postpone all unnecessary investments.

Measures to safeguard profits and liquidity:

  • Create a business development adjustment (forecast) as a basis for coordination with your banks and shareholders
  • Do not hesitate to take non-popular measures (e.g. partial plant closures) if the situation requires it

Measures to reassure employees and create stability:

  • Send regular updates
  • Create orientation and security through clear and regular communication with your employees and show them the potential that will arise after the crisis.

You can download the complete overview here: Covid-19 -Checklist for damage limitation.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

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