Antifragility: What is it and how does it relate to family businesses?

Beyond the world of stock markets, there is the huge economic subsystem of family businesses in which the following question arises: Is it possible that family businesses not only survive crises, but are actually strengthened by them? The concept of antifragility In his book Antifragile: Things That Gain from Disorder, 1 Nassim Nicholas Taleb establishes Read more

What does the Way Forward Look Like? A 9-point Program for the Survival of Family Businesses

In times like these — defined only by a spectrum of uncertainty across our social, economic, ecological and political realities — many family businesses are asking themselves difficult questions about the future. At the end of the day, however, all these questions are fundamentally one; they all want to know, “What does the way forward Read more

Change “thanks” to the COVID crisis: when are we ready to change?

Change "thanks" to the COVID crisis: There are basically two main reasons why we are willing to change: desire or suffering. I want to change or I have to change. The changes we face through the current crisis, given by the COVID-19 virus, both professionally and privately, are certainly suffered by all or most people. Read more

Do we need a new Family Business mindset in Italy?

Family Business mindset: A few Italian insights 3,5 million companies out of 3,7 millions in total, have less then 10 employees. Almost 40% of Italians finished their schooling education with „junior high“ at the age of about 15, whereas the average percentage in Europe is 25%. With Covid-19 Italian debts, coming from 138% will increase Read more

Crisis management as a consequence of corona (COVID-19) – Crisis communication

A crisis is a state of emergency, i.e. there are no standards for emergency situations. Unfortunately, the current crisis will not end within a few days but will last for several weeks and months. During this time, communication with the employees is particularly important. The goal is to build a long-term, mutual trusting relationship between Read more

Crisis management as a consequence of corona (COVID-19) – Measures

Dear customers and partners, we hope that you and your families are well and that you can get through the turbulent weeks and months ahead in good health. The current situation is new for all of us and we should try to deal with it together, in solidarity and as conscientiously as possible. We can Read more

Christmas promotion Family Business Model | Tool & Book

Christmas promotion: Family Business Model Tool and the book "Family Business Style" for only 50,00 Euro (instead of 264,00 Euro) Get the book about the DNA of successful family businesses and your individual and exclusive online access to the self-analysis of your Success-DNA of your Family Business (Family Business Model Tool)! Order the package at Read more

Time Leadership

Our lifetime is our most valuable asset, we all agree on that. But do we also live according to this principle? In our interview with Julie Morgenstern we talk about social constraints and her concept of time leadership as an important leadership task of managers. An interview with Julie Morgenstern, best-selling author, organiing and productivity Read more

News | Family Business Model Tool

Today I would like to present you, on an exclusive basis, the innovative online business model analysis for family businesses: the Family Business Model Tool. With this online tool, family businesses can now easily check their own successful DNA. It consists of 100 questions and is divided into the 10 DNA strands of the "radically Read more

Innovation enables sustainable growth

Interview with Founder and Investor Hermann Hauser, published in the print newsletter “Mein Unternehmen”. Subscribe to “Mein Unternehmen” here. Hermann Hauser is co-founder and investor of many rapidly growing technology companies and a symbolic figure of I.E.C.T. in Innsbruck, which is dedicated to financially support startups in Tyrol. In the interview, he reveals the importance of innovative Read more

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