Time Leadership

Our lifetime is our most valuable asset, we all agree on that. But do we also live according to this principle? In our interview with Julie Morgenstern we talk about social constraints and her concept of time leadership as an important leadership task of managers. An interview with Julie Morgenstern, best-selling author, organiing and productivity Read more

News | Family Business Model Tool

Today I would like to present you, on an exclusive basis, the innovative online business model analysis for family businesses: the Family Business Model Tool. With this online tool, family businesses can now easily check their own successful DNA. It consists of 100 questions and is divided into the 10 DNA strands of the "radically Read more

Innovation enables sustainable growth

Interview with Founder and Investor Hermann Hauser, published in the print newsletter “Mein Unternehmen”. Subscribe to “Mein Unternehmen” here. Hermann Hauser is co-founder and investor of many rapidly growing technology companies and a symbolic figure of I.E.C.T. in Innsbruck, which is dedicated to financially support startups in Tyrol. In the interview, he reveals the importance of innovative Read more

Tharawat Magazine: On Core Competencies: The Creation of Powerful New Competitive Advantages

Excerpt from an article published by Markus Weishaupt on the "Tharawat Magazine". Diversification brings success – it’s a business advice mantra repeated often enough it verges on the platitudinal. While not entirely untrue, what the statement fails to address is the fact that many companies find success through extremely focused models. By concentrating financial and Read more

A symbiosis between owner and management

Christoph Gamper, CEO of Durst Phototechnik AG If a true symbiosis between the owning family and the external management can be achieved, external management can become a success factor for a family business. Excerpt from an interview with Christoph Gamper, CEO of Durst Phototechnik AG, published in the Swiss print newsletter "Mein Unternehmen" (3/2019). The Read more

Unifying tradition and innovation

Excerpt of an interview with Allegra Antinori, Vice-President of Antinori, published in the print newsletter "Mein Unternehmen". Subscribe to "Mein Unternehmen" here. Founded in 1385, Antinori today is run by the family descendants of the 26th generation and the 27th is ready in the starting blocks. The family business has an impressive history and many Read more

A stock exchange listing does not contradict the fact that a family exercises control over such a company

The "family business" model is proving particularly successful in the complex, globalised economic world of the 21st century. The business paper Il Sole 24 Ore writes: "In an analysis of around 2,500 large and medium-sized companies, family businesses consistently show better results in four performance criteria: growth, profitability and stability, employment and independence. The phenomenon Read more

Successful Italian family businesses: Aboca Group

Through an article in the Corriere della Sera supplement "L'Economia" we discovered a great family business from Sansepolcro (Tuscany), Gruppo Aboca. In the second generation, this company produces organic pharmaceutical and cosmetic products and sells them successfully in 14 countries. It generates a turnover of approximately 250 million euros. The Mercati family still does not Read more

Successful family businesses never forget their roots, but the world is their market.

Survival through internationality In the long run, companies cannot do without some form of internationalization; they must operate internationally and partly globally in order to remain viable. They need to learn about potential competitors in other markets and, above all, serving customers. A balanced market portfolio is not only good for growth but also reduces Read more

Let’s go to “newlandia”. How can a strong international orientation be incorporated into the company’s strategy without losing its local roots?

„Foreign” companies are changing our local economic and social structures. But our “local” companies also change these structures in other countries. Yes, there are still some shops, which were already there in my childhood. The bakery, the village shop that has everything, the paper shop with great paper products, stationery and gift items. Gone are Read more

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