Weissman International Story

Family businesses are special. This soon became clear to founder Arnold Weissman when he took over his father’s company almost 40 years ago, successfully developed it further and finally led it to sale.

After that, the management of family-owned companies kept him in his grip, and so in 1987 Arnold Weissman founded his own consulting company and developed a system with which family-owned companies can actively shape all areas of their future: the Weissman system, with whose successor models many market leaders and “hidden champions” implement their goals today.

Arnold Weissman’s approach soon became known throughout the German-speaking world and various international assignments followed until the first foreign branches were founded in Switzerland and Italy at the beginning of the 2000s and shortly afterwards in Austria. A stroke of luck in this context was the meeting of Arnold Weissman with Markus Weishaupt, co-founder of Weissman Italia and Weissman Austria, who from then on led the Weissman foreign subsidiaries in Italy, Austria and Switzerland as managing partner and brought them forward.

For the successor to Arnold Weissman, Moritz Weissman, who joined the Executive Board in 2013 and has been the sole Managing Director since 2016, the national subsidiaries have always been an important factor in the success of the Weissman Group.

In the meantime, the management team has been further strengthened in Italy with Armin Rainer, in Switzerland with Roman Rauper, and in Austria with Norbert Schindler. Together with their powerful local teams, they now form the international arm of the Weissman Group, Weissman International.

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